Gavin Gray
  Dave Atkins
  Dan Harvey
  Rob Smith
  Tony Leonard









As Musical Director, Gavin enjoys the opportunity to sing many of Brian Wilson’s lead vocals ably backed by the rest of the Beachy Boys. Gavin Brings a wealth of experience to the Beachy Boys and is usually known or his drumming having played with the Oxo Cubins, The Scared Weird Little Guys, Turnaround and [with Dave] in The Quarrelmen.    

Dave has played in many bands including Funhouse and Trouser Party. Most notebly he has performed [with Gavin] in The Quarrelmen, a band specialising in music from the latter part of the
Beatles’ career. Dave brings to the band a fondness for the Chuck Berry style guitar licks contained in many of the Beach Boys classics. Dave continues to provide a strong voice to fill out the Beachy Boys’ sound.

Dan’s versatyle singing and
drumming provides the backbone of the Beachy Boys sound. Dan is well known for his jazz vocals and R&B drumming. Imported from the Adelaide music scene after studies at Elder Conservetory where he was a member of  The Adelaide Connection jazz vocal group. Dan has continued his musical endeavours in Melbourne with outfits such as Bootiejuice, Bob Johnston’s Hideaway and


Rob covers many of the difficult “middle” vocal parts including taking lead on some of the best - all
while keeping the band's bottom end nice and tight. Rob has played with many bands most prodominately the Australian electronic music duo American Doubles.  He has also worked on film and television productions including the British and Australian television miniseries Stark, written by and starring Ben Elton.

Starting out on the folk scene, Anthony’s best-known band from the early years was Yasmin And The Tealeaves. He has played in a variety of bands since then and has performed and recorded music for children with the Lightning Creek Band and Shenanigans. His original bands have included Arpeggio Au Go-Go, Free Reign and his most recent, the ukulele inspired S.T.R.U.M. He has also written music for film and television and produced other artists.